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Tipping Bodies

Bath Tub Tipping bodies

Standard OTEL Steel Bath Tubs can be set up for trailer tipping should it be required with a twin port control valve & separate cab controls for truck & trailer. These can be manufactured and certified with the draw beam and tow coupling of your choice, along with OTEL embossed mudflaps.

  • Sub frame if required
  • Floor, 5mm corrosion resistant plate or 6mm Bisalloy 80 or heavier dependant on customers needs
  • Sides, 4mm Medium tensile (standard) or dependant on customer
  • Option on Hardox steel
  • Dual action tailgates are standard
  • Tail gate release is air ram positive action
  • Hydraulics brand is customer’s choice, pumps and cab controls
  • 90 or 120 litre oil tank capacity
  • Single or dual port control valve
  • Neat and tidy cab controls
  • Drawbeam and trailer tipping set up
  • OTEL embossed mudflaps
  • Sandblasted and painted to your colour choice
  • Chassis shortened or lengthened to suit if required