Custom Build

Looking for specialised utility truck body building in Auckland, NZ? Otel brings you state-of-the-art truck body fabrication solutions. Offering a vast variety of custom truck bodies, our builders will create a truck that not only meets your highly particular needs, but also delivers on value by working year after year without giving you trouble.

As Auckland's premier truck body builders, we promise the highest standards of engineering and manufacturing, as well as the best parts, services and after-sales service. We take pride in delivering highest quality services and products to our clientele.

Count on the truck body manufacturers at Otel to deliver on all your specifications. From flat beds to crane bodies and from contractors to service bodies, we can help you create trucks that are perfect for your business needs and deliver exceptional

Let us help maximise the effectiveness of the work you do every day with a custom-built truck body. Contact us for a quote.

Another unique vehicle OTEL have built in the market was for Carters Tyres, a specialised tyre truck used for removal and fitment of large loader tyres on loaders working at the Tauranga and Wellington ports.

OTEL has also ventured into the manufacturing of Traffic Management vehicles, with strict restrictions and demands placed on our clients to comply their vehicles we have worked closely with ITC (Independent Traffic Control) to fine tune their current fleet and new vehicles we have set up. %u200BOTEL's custom builds are not only defined to the big truck but to our little trucks as well, as per this recent set up for Watercare services, including the VMAC off engine drive mounted compressor kit.

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