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Truck Body Design And Workmanship - We Go Beyond Your Expectations!
OTEL has a vast range of experience in the engineering sector offering varied services for the manufacturing and customisation of truck and trailer bodies.

We work with large and small public and privately owned companies that need truck bodies built to their specifications. Whatever your truck design needs may be, you can count on us to provide you with Auckland’s best truck body design services. Our truck designers are standing by for your orders.


Otel brings you the best-in-class bucket trucks, now customised to your requirements. Our cherry picker trucks are outfitted with the equipment of your choice and all amenities needed by utility fleets. We deliver versatility at amazing prices.

OTEL have formed some solid partnerships in the vegetation and power supply sectors to make it the market leader for supplying Aerials for the maintenance of vegetation around live power lines in the NZ market.

Since being awarded the agency for the Altec branded aerial, digger derricks and many more Altec products in 2006, OTEL have managed to supply 40 pieces of equipment and service aerials from the tropics of American Samoa right down to the deep south of Antarctica.

OTEL's ability to work with each client to customise every build allows the company to supply a vehicle that fits every requirement and budget.


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